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The new era within DeFI. At DECENTRA we innovate unique projects on the Cutting-Edge of technology to change the DeFi space!

These symbiotic DeFi components are linked together through cycles and energy flows.

Cutting-Edge DeFi Projects

DECENTRA is here to add value to the DeFi space, offering unique projects throughout our ecosystem. Here is a brief introduction of what we're looking to offer in our Ecosystem roadmap.


Our flagship product is here to take over the DeFi Lotto space. Decentra-Lotto is a decentralised cryptocurrency lottery and DeFi staking platform. At launch, users can use the dApp to enter the weekly lotto draw. DELO is the deflationary Binance Smart Chain token underpinning the Decentra-Lotto platform.


You will soon be able to securely store and monitor your digital assets providing essential utility for blockchain users throughout.

The Decentra-Wallet app will be available on iOS and Android mobiles. We are also developing a browser extension.


We will soon be offering Decentra-Swap that will enable you to swap your digital assets allowing quick coin-to-coin exchanges. Swap your cryptocurrency with the touch of a button; safely, securely and all within the Decentra-Wallet app.


NFTs are changing the way we see the world. Our team is fully committed to the deliverance of highly valuable, unique NFT's. We are in the design phase of our NFT project that focuses on bringing our brand more to life and spreading our mission within DeFi. Our aim is to mint limited Decentra-NFT's on a variety of chains.


Experts in token development, we test, audit and launch 100% decentralised tokens for the benefit of DeFi innovation for our community. Our De-Fi tokens will be built on our ecosystem on a variety of blockchains, creating innovative components through token development. DELO is our flagship token to be released very soon!


Our mission is democratisation within the decentralised web. The implementation of our decentralised governance will be focused around our unique DAO. We pride ourselves as being truly focused on advocating serious change within the crypto space.


Coming from a background in game development, we are already in the advanced stages of building a play-to-earn model blockchain strategy game. This is a project we have been working on for two years now already, and not only is it an earning game but is also strong enough to stand on its own and be fun to play as a game in its own right. This game will target Steam for a PC release initially. We are also working on a number of smaller, more casual play-to-earn games which we will release in advance of the blockbuster. All of our games will interact with each other as part of the larger Decentra-Ecosystem.


The blockchain knows no limitations to the excitement it is bringing to the gambling industry. We are excited to showcase some of the blockchain's capabilities for casinos within DeFi. We are looking into possible partnerships to develop an innovative spin on traditional casino game-play with games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and many more. We are currently in the development stage with a variety of exciting features; betting tokens, receiving dividends, mega jackpots, cashback rewards to name a few!


Here is our roadmap of the flagship project underpinning the decentra-ecosystem.

Decentra-Lotto Website Launch

Decentra-Lotto lottery platform launch

Solidity Finance Audit

Decentra-Lotto Launch

Lottery Ticket Giveaways

Community Competitions

Gifting Tickets

Certik Audit
(Currently Onboarding)

Coingecko listing

Litepaper Release

Launch Deflationary Staking farm.

Multiple Coin Site Listings

Guerilla Marketing Campaign Launch

Community QR Code Competition

Lottery Ticket Giveaways

Community Competitions

CoinMarketCap Listing

NFT Lottery

Whitepaper Release


Pools Feature Launch

Jackpot Feature Launch

Lottery Ticket Giveaways

Decentra-Governance Launch

Decentra-Wallet v1 Launch

Decentra-Swap v1 Launch

Staking Lottery Launch 

Scratch Card Feature launch

Decentra-Merchandise launch


Exchange listings

Introduce FIAT Payments system

Multiple Blockchain Lottery feature





Stage 1 - Launch

Decentra-Ecosystem Website Launch

Decentra-Lotto Website Launch

DELO Token Launch

Decentra-lotto lottery platform launch.

Solidity Finance Audit

Decentra-Lotto Staking Launch

Decentra-Lotto Features Roll Out


Stage 2 -Development

NFT Lottery Launch

Launch Deflationary Staking farm.

Decentra-Wallet v1 Launch

Decentra-Swap v1 Launch


Stage 3 - Growth

Decentra-Governance v1 Launch

Staking Lottery v1 Launch

Decentra-Merchandise v1 Launch

Decentra-NFTs v1 Launch

Decentra-Tokens Expansion


Stage 4 - Maturity

Decentra-Gaming v1 Launch

Decentra-Casino v1 Launch

Ecosystem Partnerships & Development

Platform & Cross-chain Integrations

Ecosystem Expansion

Decentra-Ecosystem Roadmap

Our roadmap highlights the next steps we will be taking to develop and grow our ecosystem. The mission is clear and focal to everything we are building; create INNOVATION and earn TRUST in the DeFi space.

Stage 1 is the Launch stage for the ecosystem. This will see us launch the Ecosystem itself, our flagship product decentra-lotto and the underpinning token, $DELO along with additional features currently in development.

Stage 2 is the Development Stage. This will introduce additional developed components to the ecosystem adding depth and value to our service offering. Deflationary Staking Farms are unique and hard to find these days, making this an exceptionally rare and exciting feature. Decentra-Wallet and Decentra-Swap will enable safe storage, management and swapping of your tokens. Furthermore, we have an exciting development currently underway with the NFT Lottery Feature.

Stage 3 will see us step into the Growth stage for the ecosystem. Growth and expansion are paramount for longevity and constant innovation. We are incredibly excited about each and every DeFi protocol that we have in the pipeline to release to our community. At this stage, we will be operating at scale, aiming to take on a variety of linked categories within DeFi.

Stage 4 is where we plan to mature our ecosystem to be embedded within a solid framework in DeFi. Decentra-Gaming and Decentra-Casino are avenues that are our team has first-hand experience in both fields and has carefully compiled plans for each linking component. We envisage the development of a large thriving community that is led by honest core values and engagement. At this point, we want to be able to give back to the community. We aim to inspire future innovators and offer support across all sorts of new directions within DeFi.

Coming Soon

Take a look at our upcoming projects, Decentra-Wallet and Decentra-Swap!


Store your cryptocurrency

Hold every currency you hold via the Decentra-Wallet. You'll be able to manage various tokens on any blockchain.


Manage your portfolio

With live tracking & updates track everything in your portfolio.


Swap your cryptocurrency

Pancakeswap & Uniswap will be integrated so you'll only ever need to use one app for all your needs!

About us

The story behind us

Our story begins in January 2021 when three core team members met through investing in common DeFi projects and began networking towards shared goals. We soon developed into a larger network of talent and began brainstorming ideas from the onset. Our team is diverse, global and has an incredible set of unique capabilities. Through a deep interest in helping develop successful projects and communities within cryptocurrency, we started working on multiple projects together utilising our a varied skillset.  We share a strong set of core values; honesty, hard work, innovation, democratisation and teamwork to name a few, enabling us to have full trust in each other. We believe this is paramount to creating successful, meaningful long-term projects for our community.

The mission behind all our work

Our core mission is to bring TRUST and INNOVATION to the DeFi space. For far too long too many communities are being led down the wrong path. Being led into 'security' when in fact they're being led into obscurity. We truly aim to bring a community together to work on common goals and shared values through successful projects advocating serious change within the DeFi space. It all starts with the community and without we have no purpose. Therefore we sincerely hope you connect with us and join us our journey!

Come and join us!

Our global team is always looking for fresh talent & ideas in our mission to develop & innovate cutting edge De-Fi protocols.

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